An Interview with Terry Mulkey by Buzz Ramsey

    Posted by Staff on Aug 15th 2016

    Shirly Decker with a 38 lb Upriver Bright Chinook Recently Buzz Ramsey caught up with Fisherman's Pro Staff Guide, Terry Mulkey who shared some of the tips and insights to using his popular spinner in the Buoy 10 fishery. Here is what he had to say: Given that I’m beginning to catch a few chinook salmon on spinners when trolled in combination with a Big Al’s Fish Flash at Buoy 10, I was thinking I should share the attributes of my Guide Flash Spinner. First realize that I troll a combination of bait and spinners when chasing salmon at the Columbia River mouth and switch offerings based on what the fish are biting best. What I’ve noticed over my many years of guiding is that when spinners out produce bait is during the first half of the outgoing tide, when the salmon are confronted with the warm Columbia water flows into the estuary. While bait (herring or anchovy) normally has the edge when I’m plodding the cool ocean water as it floods into the middle bay.   What’s the most consistent about fishing a spinner is that the bigger salmon seem to go for them better than bait. For example, last year our largest salmon was a 38-pounder that came on a Mulkey spinner in the Red Racer finish, and the year before a 45-pounder that came on the pearl/red dot finish. What I do is fish spinners off my deep running rods, which are normally positioned at the back/stern of my boat. Here are what makes the Mulkey Guide Flash spinner unique: 1. Unique High Vibration Cascade Style Faceted Blade Creates Powerful Strobe-Like Reflection that calls fish in to investigate. 2) Fish Attracting UV impregnated Squid Design 3) Durable Clear Powder Coat Base Finish Protects Blade from Corrosion/Holds up in saltwater 4) Durable Two-Part UV Finish Coat Protects Paint 5) Ultra Sharp/Premium Owner® Treble Hook 6) Candy Back Finishes Available on Seven (7) of the most popular Mulkey spinner finishes 7) Available in two (2) sizes 6-1/2 and 5-1/2 8) Blades are available/sold separately 9) My most productive finishes include: White Red Red Racer Pearl Red Dot Chartreuse Green Dot Mexican Flag Candy Wrapper Brass Flame