Coldwater Strong Bank Drop Line

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Cold Water Strong is a local company located in Vancouver WA. They are committed to bringing new and innovative Leaders Systems to meet the ever changing ways of fishing for Salmon/Steelhead in the Pacific NorthWest and beyond.
  • 200 lbs. Test Mono With Float
  • 48" Line
  • Quality Crimping With DMC Pneumatic Crimper
  • Quality High Speed Treble Swivel
  • Quality Stainless Steel Duo Lock
  • Quality Cross Line Crane Swivel
  • Luminous Crimp Protectors
  • Quality Foam Float

  • Keeps Your Wobbler Working
  • Save Time Retying
  • Less Setup Time
  • No Line Tangle
  • Bank System Will Last all Season
  • Just Attach Coldwater Strong's Float Leader System

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