Daiwa Prorex Bessie Prop Bait - 170 Fast Sinking - FireTiger

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With a heavy-duty build, the Daiwa Prorex Bessie Prop Baits were designed top to bottom to be a serious muskie fisherman's bait, set to take on the toothy snake like monsters from coast to coast and beyond. The design behind this bait was in collaboration with Nishine Lure Works and was inspired by the story of Bessie, also known as the Lake Erie Monster. Reported sightings of a mysterious and unexplainable creature roaming the depths have been around for ages, and this urban legend fits along with many of the superstitions some musky fishermen take in their pursuit of their next giant. This baits prop design along with additional belly blade creates a great surface and water displacement commotion, acting as a dying or injured baitfish or small mammal, the perfect prey for the fish of 10,000 casts. Available in several natural finishes, this bait also comes in three different float/sink types for the angler to fine tune their presentation for both surface and subsurface retrieves. Molded Using Hand Carved Scale Pattern Forward Facing Prop on Floating Model Reverse Prop on Slow Sink and Fast Sink Models Stainless Steel Blade for Added Vibration Ultra Sharp 4/0 Trebles Realistic 3D Eyes.

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