Daiwa REVROS LT Fishing Spinning Reel Left/Right Hand Retrieve

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The Daiwa REVROS LT Spinning Reel features light but tough construction for proven performance. The Air Rotor design on this REVROS reel weighs 15% less than standard rotors, giving the reel a lightweight feel. Light Composite Housing improves the strength to weight ratio, while the machined aluminum handle smoothly transfers power to the gears. To further improve efficiency, the REVROS LT features a precision-machined DigiGear that optimizes energy transfer for unmatched smoothness. Designed for smooth retrievals and a well-balanced design, the Daiwa REVROS LT Spinning Reel offers a lightweight but tough reel for your next day of fishing.Features: Light Composite Housing Machined aluminum handle LT Concept design for a light but tough build DigiGear offers maximum efficiency with better transfer of energy Air Rotor design weights up to 15% less than ordinary rotor designSpecs:.

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