Danielson Collapsing Wire Basket-Floating

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Size:14"Dia. X 25" Depth
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Designed for small spaces when not in use, these collapsible wire fish baskets keep your fish fresh in the water and bait-eating critters, at bay. Don't have your first catch of the day sit in your cooler and get slimy, when you can just trail it along your boat, while you continue to fish. Constructed with a plastic trap door, your collapsible 5/8 wire mesh basket will float to the top, should it come lose from its mooring. Keeping your fish in and your catches safe.
  • Spring-loaded bottom trap door
  • Bottom reinforcement ring and a sturdy wire handle
  • Note: In order not to drag the weight of your boat down, and give you better bang for your buck, light weight materials were used in the making of this product. If you don't want to lose fish, after a season or two, please either reinforce with laundry bag netting, or another type of small netting to allow water in but keep others out

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