Flashx Swim Jig 34Oz Ghost Shad

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Built with premium materials and components, the 1st Gen FlashX Swim Jig is the first of its kind to feature a titanium wire over the hook point, opposite an underspin Fashioned with a small 3 blade, the wire has been meticulously tested to provide the precise blend of strength to swim through cover and flex not to impede hookups Featuring a blade set on top, the 1st Gen FlashX Swim Jig is able to swim along the bottom or near the surface, while the blade continues to spin, putting off extra flash and vibration The wire and blade were placed in a way an angler can now skip the bait under cover, showing fish the body of jig, with the flash and vibration of a spinnerbait The recessed line tie helps cut through cover without vegetation catching the eye 1st Gen Fishing SWIM3405.

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