Leupold DD Tikka T-3 RVF Scope Mount, 2-pc Matte Black Base/Mount Type: 2-Piece

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Securely equip a scope to your rifle with this Leupold DD Tikka T-3 RVF Scope Mount. These Riflescope Mounts & Bases developed by Leupold feature a secure, rock-solid mounting platform that will hold up through all your firearms and scopes, even under a great deal of recoil. The Leupold DD Tikka T-3 RVF 2-Piece Scope Mount is made from solid steel with a matte or black finish to blend with the rest of your tactical gear, and this mount is compatible with most standard Rifle Scopes - which is great for air guns, sniper rifles, and other weapons with a forearm that curves in the same direction as your barrel. Pick up the Leupold DD Tikka T-3 RVF 2-pc Rifle Scope Mount today to firmly fix your scope in place.image
Specifications for Leupold DD Tikka T-3 RVF Scope Mount, 2-pc, Matte:
Manufacturer: Leupold
Color: Black
Finish: Matte
Base/Mount Type: 2-Piece
Gun Model: Tikka T3
Gun Type: Rifle

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