Mustad 32833NP-BN Ultra Point 90 Degree 2X Stron Jig Hooks - Size 2/0

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Molding your own jig heads is a great offseason pastime. You have the total freedom to choose between great varieties of different molds such as egg round teardrop dart or football heads. The Mustad 2X extra heavy wire Jig Hook makes a great platform for creating some high quality jigs for fresh or saltwater fishing targeting larger and stronger species. Perfect for small presenting small worm and swimbaits for Walleye Zander Salmon Sea Run Brown Trout Steelhead Bass Spotted Bass Speckled Trout or Sea Trout. The 90º-bend eye is perfect for deep-water presentation. The angle of the hook will secure that when the fish strikes the jig is pulled straight up providing the best opportunity for a secure hookup. The hook features Mustad´s own Black Nickel finish which are 4 times as rust resistant as traditional Black Nickel. Chemically sharpened high carbon steel. Features: Black Nickel Finish 2X Strong Quantity: 100 per pack.

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