Otis Variety A/P Receiver Brush 3-Pack

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Otis Technology Double End All Purpose Brushes

Otis Technology All Purpose Receiver Brushes let you choose the level of scouring power you need to apply to your firearm. These dual-ended cleaning tools feature strong, durable bristles that can plow through powder, carbon, and copper residue wherever they may be. Use the smaller end for hard to reach areas of your firearm, or the larger end for tougher jobs that cover a wider area. These Otis Technology cleaning tools come in three varieties, each with a varying degree of toughness. The white nylon-bristled Otis Dual Ended Receiver Brushes are the most gentle, the heat treated blue nylon brushes represent the middle of the road, and for buildup that just won't quit, use the powerful brass bristled brush. The All-Purpose Receiver Brushes aren't just for gun maintenance either; they can destroy residue wherever it's encountered, whether it's on your car, camping equipment, jewelry, or anywhere else. Otis Technology has packaged these cleaning brushes in several different iterations; you can purchase bulk packs with 10 to 50 receiver brushes, variety packs with all three types of bristles, or single brushes. Whichever product you end up with, you'll get a lot of use (and a lot of clean equipment) out of these Otis Tech All-Purpose Cleaning Brushes.




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