Shimano Intenza a Casting Rod - NTZC72MA

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With a full lineup of rods offered in the series to dominate the local waters with power and finesse techniques alike, the Shimano Intenza A Casting Rods deliver great capability for the weekend warrior and tournament trail angler alike. These rods utilize Shimano's Diaflash technology in the lower portion of their blanks, a process where opposing wraps of carbon tape are introduced on the outermost layer to form and x-shape pattern. This in turn reinforces the butt section of the blank to resist twisting, flexing, and energy loss. Casting performance and pulling power are enhanced with this technology, giving the angler a competitive edge over the rest. Cork grips, light titanium oxide guides, and a custom Shimano reel seat complete the package, set to improve your game on the water day in and day out. Features: Diaflash Rod Technology Light Titanium Oxide Guides Cork Grips Custom Shimano Reel Seat.

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