Shimano Mastiff FC Fluorocarbon Line - 18lb - 200yds

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Designed and manufactured in Japan, the Shimano Mastiff FC Fluorocarbon Line undergoes strict quality control to develop a consistent thickness of the line for enhanced performance on the water. The line surface itself is measured down to just 1 micron, far surpassing the standard quality control of other lines. With this more consistent thickness, the line passes off the spool and through your guides much easier which in turn improves casting distance even with the lightest lures. Shimano then incorporated a unique nano-surface technology called Nanoarmor, a process where extremely fine concave and convex textures are applied that are undetectable by touch or the human eye. This prevents knot slippage when fighting a large fish, just as well as slippage and breakage when using more energy intensive lures like jerkbaits. By increasing its binding force, braid to leader knots are much stronger just as well as tying directly to a lure, pushing gear to the limits and outcompeting even the best on the market. To fool those finicky fish or give you the edge in your next tournament, look to the Mastiff FC Fluorocarbon to exceed your expecations.

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