Shimano Saltwater Waxwing Jigs

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Size:7/8 oz
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The "Do Nothing Bait" that packs a punch to the fish with it's action, and entices fish to strike with a vengeance. Designed with similarities to a plug style bait, you've got a jig that sinks fast, walks side-to-side, and double hooks the fish to hold on tight. With the simplicity of the jig design, you just cast it, point your tip at it, reel in at a steady pace, and be at the ready for an intense battle.
  • Body Length: 3-1/2"
  • Hydrodynamic body design
  • Upper Wing makes the jig swim in zigzag motion
  • Lower Wing makes the jig prevent rolling
  • Tin-coated Saltwater Double hook
  • Stainless Wire-through construction
  • UV reactive paint on lateral line

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