Storm Deep Rattlin' Flat Wart Plugs

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Size:2" | 7-13' | 3/8 oz
Color:Blue Chrome Orange
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Extremely buoyant making it the perfect bait for fishing submerged trees and rock piles because it can back out of cover that would hang up other lures. With its flat sides this wart gives of a hard flash and tight vibration while still staying true to the Classic Wart searching action. Topped off with a loud rattle, 3-D holographic eyes and either classic patterns or the new UV bright finishes that reflect more light and make this lure more visible.
  • Weight: 3/8 oz
  • Running Depth: 7-13'
  • Hook Size: 6
  • Classic Wart searching action
  • Flat side create a hard flash and tight vibration
  • Extremely buoyant
  • External scale pattern
  • Loud Rattle
  • Integrated Lip
  • 3-D Holographic Eyes

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