Thermarest Ridgerest Solite Thermacapture Closed-Cell Mattress

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Size:Small | 20 x 48 x 0.625
Color:Silver Reflective Top & Sage Botom
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Coated with a layer of reflective ThermaCapture ™ technology, your body heat gets redirected to maximize the warmth and keep you toasty all through the night. Ultralight and virtually indestructible, this alternative mat is great for backcountry travelers, or backpacking adventures.
For maximum warmth, use reflective side-up.
  • Patent-pending ThermaCapture™ reflects radiant heat back to your body boasting your warmth
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Light enough to carry anywhere
  • Soft peaks and heat-trapping valleys provide exceptional comfort
  • Molded closed cell foam
  • Cross-linked Polyethylene fill
  • Made in the USA

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