Washington Lake Maps & Fishing Guide By Frank Amato Publications

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Throw a dart at a map of Washington and chances are it will land near a good fishing lake. Washington has over 7,000 lakes, 2500+ at alpine levels. You can count on the Washington Lake Maps & Fishing Guide to give you everything you need for a successful trip to 40 of Washington’s most productive fishing lakes. As with the popular “River Maps . . .” Series, each lake is packed with information, including: Roads and access points; Boat launches; Peak fishing times for various species; Insect hatches and hatch timing; Fly-fishing and conventional tackle techniques; Fishing knots & tackle guide; Important services and accommodations; and so much more.
  • ISBN: 978-1-57188-4770
  • Author: Frank Amato Publications
  • Pages: 48
  • Published: First Published in 2012
  • Lake Access
  • Boat Launches
  • Fishing Techniques
  • Insect Hatches
  • Knots & Tackle Guide
  • Peak Fishing times
  • Services & Accommodations for Anglers
  • Even included phone and email information for the essential services and accommodations specific to the needs of fishermen
  • Softbound
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