Weber Style Stainless Steel Wide Turner

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Color:Stainless Steel
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When you hear grill, BBQ, Hamburgers, you automatically get hungry and your mouth starts to water. Right? It's an American staple to go out in your backyard in the spring and summer, start up your grill, and have everyone over to celebrate it's awakening. Weber was the start of that feeling back in 1950s, and since then, has revolutionized the market of BBQs, grills, and stoves, with accessories and knowledge to match. So don't just trust your family's food with any old grill or bbq. Pick up the trusted name that has tested the tradition for over 60 years and 'WeBBerQ".
  • Beveled front edge gently lifts delicate food off grill grates
  • Angled handle
  • Soft-touch grip
  • Provides excellent control
  • Stainless steel design for strength
  • 19.37"L x 2.62"W

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