Atlas Spawn Net

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Size:3" x 15'
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Atlas Spawn super soft nylon netting is great for making sacs of all types of bait. Single eggs, clusters, liver or other forms of soft or cut bait. Staying on the hook better, and ideal for fast current fishing, you’ve got a material that can add that little something extra other fisherman just won't bother with.
  • Place a few eggs in the middle of the square
  • Add Atlas Spawn Sac Floaters if you like
  • Gather the netting around the eggs (The spawn sac should be firm and tight)
  • Use Atlas Miracle Thread or Magic Thread to wrap it all up, trim it up neat and then put it on a hook!
  • Perfect for larger forms of soft or cut bait
  • Bait stays on the hook better
  • Ideal for fast current fishing
  • Available in two different sizes
  • Each Roll is 15 feet long

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