Attwood Quasar 2- Mile Bi-Color Deck Mount Sidelights

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Quasar lights are intentionally designed to be easier to install, maintain, and illuminate efficiently.
  • Black
  • 7" wire lead
  • 2-NM USCG
  • 2-mile
  • Smooth contour prevents lines from snagging on housing
  • Lens resin color (red/green) tuned to maximum sensitivity of the human eye
  • 225° Optimum visibility
  • Single external stainless steel lock screw attaches cover to base
  • Easy disassembly for servicing
  • Stainless steel electrical contacts will not corrode
  • Attaches directly to deck with concealed #10 fasteners
  • Connection to 12 VDC power supply
  • Includes 8-watt festoon bulb

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