Cannon Lake-Troll Manual Downrigger

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This durable downrigger is as hardworking as a commercial fisherman. Ideal for smaller boats, and beginner trolling fishermen, who want to take advantage of fishing a downrigger. Get your lure right where the fish are with its Innovative design. This downrigger gives controlled weight descent, and accurate bait positioning, all while keeping it effortless. Spend more time fishing, and less time dealing with unwanted hassles.
  • Vertical spool designed with clutch/brake system
  • Safe, controlled one-handed weight descent
  • Quick mount tab-lock base
  • Swivel-head depth counter
  • 18" copolymer boom
  • Pre-spooled with 100 feet of stainless steel cable
  • 8lb weight capacity
  • Includes line release and tube style rod holder
  • Saltwater-resistant construction

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