Cxx XTra Strong Mono Service Spool 20Lb 3000Yd Moss Green

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Pline was first developed to respond to a great challenge to provide the best fishing line available Introduced into the North American market in 1982, pline immediately caught the attention of both freshwater and saltwater anglers Its copolymer based technology delivered a thin diameter, soft, supple fishing line that brought many advantages into one line It improved casting distances, gave a more natural presentation to lures and Baits and allowed for increased line capacity on reels Today we continue to meet the high standards and expectations of the serious angler Whether you are a tournament competitor or a weekend enthusiast you can depend on pline to demonstrate superior strength, great cast ability and abrasion resistance that is unsurpassed on the water Combining our experiences in copolymer and fluorocarbon technologies, pline is on the leading edge of quality, highperformance fishing lines We keep a pulse on what anglers are asking for, new applications, Baits, and techniques fishermen are encountering as they search for fish We sincerely hope you enjoy fishing with pline and encourage you to help protect our precious resources Do what you can to keep our fisheries healthy and our waters clean so everyone can partake in the pleasure of a quality angling experience PLine CXXG20.

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