Daiw Zillion SV TW 16H Baitcasting Reel

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Gear Ratio:6.3:1
Line Capacity Mono:100/14
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Daiwa’s TWS T-Wing System and SV Concept technologies combine forces to make the Daiwa Zillion SV TW Casting Reel one of the best-casting baitcasting reels to ever hit the market.

Offering a compact profile as well for easy handling, the new shallow SV Free Floating Spool design allows you to cast with virtually no backlashing. You barely have to thumb the spool even with lightweight lures, and TWS T-Wing System solves an age-old problem with baitcasting reel levelwind systems by reducing friction and harsh line angles on the cast. It allows line to flow freely through the wide, top section of the T-wing system on the outcast, and on the retrieve when the handle is engaged, the line drops into the lower channel of the T-Wing for even distribution across the spool width. The result is longer, more precise casting, even spool speed, and virtually zero backlashes.

Also equipped with Daiwa’s Ultimate Tournament Drag system to stop hard running fish in their tracks, the drag system’s oversized carbon washers ensure smooth functioning throughout its range. Definitely in a league all its own, the Daiwa Zillion SV TW Casting Reel rewrites the book on what is possible with casting reels.

-TWS T-Wing System
-SV Concept
-G1 Duraluminum SV Spool (Next step above A7075 Aluminum)
-Aluminum Frame
-Zaion Side Cover (Gear Side)
-Ultimate Tournament Drag (13.2lb)
-Cut-Away 90mm Swept Handle
-I-Shaped Soft-Touch Cork Handle Knobs

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