Daiwa Tactical View Power Assist Reel Cover

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The Daiwa Tactical View Power Assist Reel Covers aim to protect your expensive electric reels while offering easy reel and line identification. Made to fit both the Seaborg and Tanacom lines of Daiwa electric reels, these covers feature a marine grade isinglass window that provides a crystal clear view of the contents inside the cover. This isinglass vinyl material is both fade and scratch resistant. The sides of the cover are made from a flexible neoprene with reinforced hook and loop attachments that allow the cover to fit snugly and offer superior surface protection. These covers are able to be used on reels with or without line rigged through the rod guides and can be used with or without the power cord attached to the reel. Bottom facing drainage holes allow water to escape and provide ventilation to prevent humidity build up.


Power Assist Reel Covers-

M- 500-800 sized reels

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