Danielson Slinky Tube & Ramrod

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If your catching Salmon or Steelhead and need another idea for weight besides the standard pencil weight, Slinky Weights are the way to go. With a flexible and sealed nylon cord, your slinky will just slide across the bottom without snagging. Slinky Weights are also ideal for those easily spooked fish. muffling the noise typical lead weights would create, with it's soft nylon encasement. This Slinky Tubes and Ramrods, are the best way to ensure you have the ideal slinky weight. You can quickly make your own customized size, and design it just right for your fishing style.
  • For use to make customized Slinky weights
  • Engineered for quick and efficient production
  • NOTE: Seal one end of the slinky cord and simply insert the tube into the open end. Fill with shots to the desired weight using the ramrod. After sealing the fill-in end of the cord, attach a swivel by means of the snap and you are ready to go!
  • Available in standard and magnum size ONLY
  • Slinky cord and weights are not included

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