Eagle Claw Trokar Pro-V Octopus Hook - 1/0 - Platinum Black

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Tested and proven by tournament pros, the Eagle Claw ® Trokar ® Pro-V Octopus Hook consistently pierces a fish's lip with half the force required by other hooks. A specially tailored tempering process hardens each cold-forged, high-carbon fishhook into a finely tuned tool with just the right amount of flexibility. Each 3-sided point is computer-sharpened for surgically precise points. Made from heavy wire, Eagle Claw Trokar Pro-V Octopus Hooks have an offset point, long shank, up-ringed eye, and a low-profile barb. Proven fishhook with double the piercing power Surgically sharpened 3-sided points Cold-forged, high-carbon steel Long shank with up-ringed eye Offset point Low-Profile barb.

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