Garmin eTrex Dashboard Mount

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GPS units can dig into your pocket, but you can protect your investment while traveling safely. Garmin offers a secure mount for your eTrex, to aid in your navigations, and keep your hands free. Just stick it on your dash, adjust to your viewing needs, pick your destination, and your ready to roll. It's that easy!
  • Secure your device for easier navigation
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Adjustable
  • Dashboard mount
  • Jointed Bracket
  • Temporary and permanent adhesive disks that adhere the mount base, to the dashboard
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  • Compatible With:
    • eTrex®
    • eTrex® Camo
    • eTrex® H
    • eTrex Legend®
    • eTrex Legend® C
    • eTrex Legend® Cx
    • eTrex Legend® H
    • eTrex Legend® HCx
    • eTrex Summit®
    • eTrex Summit® HC
    • eTrex Venture®
    • eTrex Venture® Cx
    • eTrex Venture® HC
    • eTrex Vista®
    • eTrex Vista® C
    • eTrex Vista® Cx
    • eTrex Vista® H
    • eTrex Vista® HCx
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