Hickory Creek Super Terry Web Stretch & Leather End Suspenders

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Size:54 x 2
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The "Brace" was a must of the white collar men in the mid 1900s. Becoming the statement that keeps your pants from slipping down, but putting you higher ranked in your status as a townsmen. Coming in and out of style, the better term "suspenders", still offers you the same protection, it keeps you pants where you want them. Having been around for over 300 years, fishermen have found they now keep your waders up, but also hold as a brilliant hook or lure hanging spot when all else fails.
  • Suspender Width: 2"
  • Classic "X" style
  • Three colors to choose from
  • 46" or 54" length option
  • Gator clip or Leather and button fasten option

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