Leupold Std 1" Mounting Rings

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Size:1 | Low | 0.65H
Color:Black Gloss
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STD™ Rings are precisely engineered to match up with STD™ 1-piece or STD™ 2-piece bases. Their anti-slip grooves provide exceptional grip, holding tightly to your scope, but still allowing flexibility of adjustments.
  • 1"
  • Low
  • Height: 0.65"
  • Matte Black, or gloss finish
  • Forged and Machined steel construction
  • Versatile, available for many different rifles
  • Recommended Objective Size:
    • 40mm Objectives will almost always have enough clearance with LOW rings in a given style, though MEDIUM rings will give slightly more clearance, particularly when using a barrel with a thicker shank portion or a heavier contour
    • 28-36mm Objectives will almost always use LOW rings in a given style. Again, in certain instances of a heavy barrel or heavy shank portion of a custom barrel, MEDIUM rings may have to be used, but LOW rings will almost always suffice
    • 20-24mm Objectives will almost always be able to use LOW rings, but in some cases may also use SUPER LOW rings. In this instance, bolt handle clearance of the eyepiece will come into play more so than objective/barrel clearance and should be carefully considered
    • VX-3L 50mm Riflescopes will almost always use LOW rings, but in some instances, where there is a very small barrel shank or relatively light barrel, they will be able to use SUPER LOW rings for the lowest practical mounting. Again, as in 20mm riflescopes, eyepiece versus bolt handle clearance will be more critical in many cases than objective/barrel clearance
    • VX-3L 56mm Riflescopes will almost always use LOW rings, but in some instances, where there is a very pronounced barrel shank or relatively heavy barrel, they will use MEDIUM rings

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