Lindy Lil' Guy

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Color:Aunt Creepy
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Lindy’s Lil’ Guy™ makes your walleye fishing, more effective. Precisely engineered for rigging or slow trolling, the Lil' Guy™ will run true to your heart.
  • 3D eyes
  • Tough enough to take the abuse of rocks and snags, and floats the rig even when sitting motionless in the water
  • 36" x 14 lb Fluorocarbon leader
  • Includes keeper discs for easy storage
  • Unique “crank-rig” design
  • Two premium #2 Octopus hooks
  • Five top-quality metallic Lindy Beads
  • Action and flotation
  • Design allows it to run true (with no rollover), or wobble from side-to-side
  • Adds a crankbait-like swimming action to your rig

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