Luhr Jensen Rogue Bait Rigs

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Color:Green Rainbow & Hammered-In Brass
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Named for Oregon's Rogue River, the Rogue Bait Rig increases the effectiveness of trolled baitfish such as small herring and anchovies with the addition of a spinner blade to provide color, flash and vibration. Package includes complete, easy to understand rigging instructions for anglers of all skill levels. The Rogue Bait Rig is a staple in Rogue River spring chinook fisheries, along with estuary and offshore fisheries throughout salmon country. Tied with high-quality 30# monofilament.
  • Hook Size: 1/0
  • Dacron tied slider hook
  • Salmon spinner snelled with 30 lb. test green leader
  • Quick-change plastic clevis and corrosion-resistant finishes

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