Luhr Jensen Salmon Bungees

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Size:Light Flex
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There is commonly a lot of tension in trolled salmon gear. The Salmon Bungee allows these large fish to naturally mouth trolled baits or lures until they turn, come tight against the fully stretched bungee, and effectively hook themselves. The Salmon Bungee is 12-inches when relaxed, reaching 32-inches at full stretch. Choose from light or medium flex.
  • Length: 12-32"
  • 80lb Test
  • Allows fish to naturally mouth bait until hooked
  • Rigs in-line behind downrigger, diver or sinker
  • Relaxed length is 12" but stretches to 32"
  • Internal braid/cord prevents breakage - 80 lb. test doubled
  • Full stretch outer bungee cover material in fish attracting colors

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