Maxima Fluorocarbon One Shot Spool

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Size:200 Yards
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Clear waters will never be the same! Maxima Fluorocarbon is a virtually invisible line perfect for easy-to-spook fish, even in crystal clear waters, as a blend of low refractive materials and a special non-reflective finish makes Maxima totally invisible to fish. This new and advanced polymer structure gives fluorocarbon material enhanced sensitivity and strength, combined with low visibility. Sporting Maxima's hallmark high-durability, UV-protective outer finish, the line is durable and abrasion-resistant with maximum knot strength.

It works great as a fly fishing leader and tippet material, as well as a general leader material for a wide variety of uses. If you condition it right and and are willing to re-spool more often, it also works great as mainline for spinning reels when you want to reduce the number of possible breakpoints between you and a potential double-digit bass.

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