Mepps Black Fury Musky Killer Spinner - Chartreuse Black Chartreuse

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The classic inline Mepps Black Fury Musky Killer Spinner is widely regarded as one of the great early-season musky lures. Water temps typically are still quite cold when musky season opens on many northern musky lakes; fishing these waters with a slow presentation can be the key to early season action. Work your spinner just under the surface in shallow bays and around large weed flats for both post-spawn muskies and pike. Once the water warms, you'll find the Mepps Black Fury Musky Killer an excellent choice for running over summer weeds with a rapid retrieve, or where legal, trolling in the prop wash. The classic inline musky spinner Deadly early-season bait for muskies and pike Also excellent through the warmer months For casting or trolling Can be run slow or fast.

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