MSR WindBoiler Personal Backpack Stove System

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In windy and cold weather, WindBoiler's efficient design boils water faster than those on the market, while using less fuel. This integrated design and compact pot give improved usability for solo travelers, personal meals and lightly packed trips.
  • Allows the WindBolier stove system to operate flawlessly in conditions that shut other stoves down
  • Clear, BPA-free drinking and straining lid
  • Insulated cozy with handle
  • 1L pot with heat exchanger
  • Ultra-efficient radiant burner
  • Pressure regulator for consistent performance
  • Folding canister stand
  • Integrated full-size bowl (16 oz)
  • Easy
  • Compact
  • For backcountry adventures and weekend camping adventures
  • Enjoy a quick meal or hot drink
  • Nests inside its pot for easy packing and assembly
  • Total Weight: 15.25 oz
  • Made in USA

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