Owner Flyliner Ringed Saltwater Hooks

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Color:Black Chrome
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Flyliner live bait hooks are forged for superior strength but light weight for a more natural bait presentation! Now available in super strong, ringed models, you get reduced stress on the hook, making the overall unit, stronger. Ringed hooks also allow live bait to swim more naturally, and once hooked up, the hook pivoting on the ring, tends to wear less of a hole in an active fishes mouth. Which let's face it, that's a happy day for everyone!
  • Cutting Point®, short shank and a black chrome finish to resist saltwater corrosion
  • Ideal for rigging anchovies, sardines, smelt, other small baitfish and strip baits
  • Super strong, welded rings in the eye of each hook
  • Reduces stress on the hook
  • Allow live bait to swim more naturally
  • Wears less of a hole in an active fishes mouth

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