Phelps Amp Pitch Black Series Elk Diaphragm Call 3-Pk

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This 3 pack of diaphragms feature the best latex we have been able to specify. They have all feature the same latex with differing stretches. #1 will be the loosest, #2 will be a medium stretch and #3 will be stretched for location bugles.
  • Pitch Black 1:
Has a looser stretch for easy cow calls and all of the bull vocalizations
Very easy to use and quiet when needed
  • Pitch Black 2:
  • Has a medium stretch similar to the popular Maverick and Phelps Signature diaphragms
    This is a do it all call
  • Pitch Black 3:
  • Stretched tight for ear piercing location bugles as well as higher pitched cow/calf sounds
    The best thing about this call is the life you get out of it

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