Rapala X-Rap 06 - Gold

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The Rapala X-Rap is a versatile minnow style hard bait that has become a staple among all types of anglers. Some say it?s a jerkbait, while others called it a crankbait or simply a plug. Either way, the X-Rap flat out catches fish. It's the perfect size and three-dimensional shape of a slender profile baitfish. Prominent scales and the lateral line on the fuselage capture and flash light like a beacon. It's a lure that is designed for aggressive fishing. The angler provides the action and defines the cadence for maximum effectiveness. Twitch-and-pause, stop-and-go, or burn it as fast as you can, the choice is yours. Slash one near your neighborhood brute while dancing the Flash Foil Teaser Tail in front of his nose and hang on tight.

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