Smokehouse Products Little Chief Drying Screens-2Pk

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Our drying screens are newly designed to give you more versatility when smoking and grilling. Now safe for temperatures up to 550° Fahrenheit (288° Celsius)! The screens are non-stick, dishwasher safe and designed to fit the Big or Little Chief Electric Smoker, however, they also work excellent with all grills, smokers and dehydrators. 

The non-stick drying and grilling screens are made of premium PTFE Teflon and are food safe with FDA approval. Simply place your food on the screens on the grills or grates of your smoker, grill or dehydrator. They eliminate your food from falling through the grates, and best of all, prevents your food from sticking to the grill grates.

The screens are perfect for all your smoked and grilled foods, including jerky, salmon, trout, other fish, vegetables, beef, pork, cheese, nuts, seafood and more! Packaging also includes the Smokehouse Original Smoked Salmon Recipe, plus a link to watch the recipe video.


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