Starbrite Toilet Treatment (Lemon)

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Instant Fresh Toilet Treatment is a simple, one-step, highly effective way to deal with the boat's holding tank. Eliminating the need for multiple chemicals, this efficient, biodegradable formula quickly breaks down waste to remove potential odors, while leaving a light, pleasant scent behind. Special additional lubricants prevent your drain valves from sticking and is safe to use in portable loo's, on your boat, or in your RV.
  • 16 fl. oz
  • Non-formaldehyde formula
  • Non-staining
  • Biodegradable
  • Latest technological lubricants keep drain valves from sticking
  • Breaks down waste quickly and efficiently
  • One ounce treats five gallons
  • Fresh lemon scent controls holding tank odors
  • Complies with EU criteria for biodegradable products
  • Treats up to 303 liters or 80 Gallons total


Holding Tank Systems with BLACK WATER:
  • Add 30 ml for each 19 liters of tank capacity. Pour through toilet into holding tank and add 4 liters of water. Hot weather and long retention times, may require additional treatment.

Holding Tank Systems with GREY WATER:
  • Use 30 ml for each 38 liters of tank capacity. Pour through shower or sink drain and add 4 liters of water

  • Pour 236 ml into initial water charge.

  • Pour 118 ml into waste holding tank and add water to cover tank bottom

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