Starbrite Vinyl Brite

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Consistent cleaning can keep your boat seats looking like new, however weathering and moisture just breaks them down over time. Vinyl Brite helps restore and protect your seats. It creates a "like new" sheen, and leaves a protective coating that helps fight against UV rays and harmful future weather. Don't just use it on your boat though. This formula works well on car interiors, tires, plastic surfaces, and so much more!
  • Protects and moisturizes vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces
  • Keeps new vinyl looking good
  • Adds shine to old vinyl
  • Spray on, wipe up excess
  • Great for car and other home applications too
  • Directions:
  • Vinyl surface should be free of all dirt, grease or wax. Clean surface with Starbrite® Vinyl Shampoo or Starbrite® Boat Wash, rinse off and allow surface to dry thoroughly. Apply a thin even coat of Vinyl Brite with sprayer, a lint free cloth or a sponge. Allow Vinyl Brite to penetrate surface then buff off excess. For greater, longer lasting protection apply a second coat. Vinyl Brite will leave your vinyl with a bright, tough water resistant finish. Repeat process as often as necessary to keep vinyl looking new

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