Steelhead Float Fishing Modern Techniques & Methods By Jim Butler

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Take a look down any stream in the Great Lakes during the fall or spring steelhead season and one thing is clear - the majority of anglers have turned to float fishing to help them catch more steelhead. Float fishing, over all other methods and presentations, is responsible for more hooked steelhead throughout the Great Lakes tributaries than any other fishing method. In this book, Jim shares all that you need to know, including: the history, strategies and behaviors of steelhead; reading water; float-fishing techniques; natural and artificial baits; fall, winter, and spring steelhead; float reels and how to cast them; building balsa floats; the future of the fisher; and so much more. If you want to catch more steelhead, this book will show you how.
  • ISBN: 978-1-57188-3223
  • Author: Jim Butler
  • Pages: 80
  • Published: 2005
  • Strategies and behaviors
  • Reading water
  • Float-fishing techniques
  • Natural and artificial baits
  • Fall, winter, and spring steelhead
  • Float reels and how to cast them
  • Building balsa floats
  • Softbound

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