Trophy Blacktails The Science Of The Hunt By Scott Haugen

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When it comes to Western big-game hunting, blacktail deer are in a class by themselves. Never before has there been such a book written on the behavior of blacktail deer and how to hunt them. This comprehensive work will take you deep inside the secretive lifestyle of blacktail deer, revealing information that will help make you a more successful hunter. From year-round deer behavior to advanced hunting tactics, the author shares facts and experiences that have worked for he and his family for several generations. Scott Haugen has been fortunate to hunt many corners of the globe, for some of the world's most prestigious big game, and rates trophy Columbia blacktail among the most challenging to consistently attain - this book tells why!
  • ISBN: 978-0-981942308
  • Author: Scott Haugen
  • Pages: 192
  • Published: 2009
  • Behavior and tactics
  • Facts and experiences
  • Softbound

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