Winn Grips 66" Superior Overwraps SLIM - Blue/Blue - BOW11-BLB

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This Slim version of Winn Grips Overwrap is narrower than the original width which makes it more ideal for wrapping shorter rod handles such as Ultralight or Pistol Grip Rods. Winn Grip Overwraps are the easiest way to enhance both the performance and appearance of your rod handles without breaking the bank by having your rods professionally re-gripped. Winn Grip Overwrap tape is made with advanced polymers that provide the perfect amount of grip in all weather conditions. You'll find it is just the right mix of tackiness to keep your grip when wet, and softness to allow for comfortable all-day casting. With dozens of color patterns to choose from, anglers now have the option of truly personalizing their gear and at the same time improving their gear's performance. Winn Grip Overwrap Tape is adherent to all rod handle materials and will work flawlessly when applied directly to cork or EVA foam. With each roll of Overwrap Tape comes detailed instructions on how to properly apply the product to rod handles for a flawless, professional look. Application is simple and only takes minutes. The only tools required are a pair of scissors and a pen! Bring new life to old rods with Winn Grip Overwrap Tape and see why Winn Grips are agreed upon by many members of the professional bass angling community to be the best grips in fishing!

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