81051136 Revo5 SX RKT Baitcast Reel - REVO5 SX-RKT LP

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Representing its 5th generation of excellence, the popular Abu Garcia Revo5 SX RKT Baitcast Reel has been redesigned for optimal precision, power, and performance. This updated version is built on Abu's asymmetrical body design to optimize its weight, balance, and ergonomics, and also features the EXD (Extreme Distance) Concept Design which optimizes the path in which line leaves the spool and flows through the line guide, leading to effortless casting. From there, the Revo5 SX RKT delivers an exceptional combination of elite speed, smoothness, torque, and power; the impressive feature list includes the super-lightweight X2-Cr?ftic aluminum alloy frame and sideplate, rugged Duragear Gen II gearing with D2 Gear design, and advanced IVCB-6 centrifugal brake system. With its blazing 9.0:1 gear ratio, the Revo5 SX RKT offers the means to execute your favorite water-burning techniques. The premium 9+1 system incorporates stainless steel ball bearings plus instant anti-reverse, while the super-smooth Power Stack Carbon Matrix drag system provides as much as 18 lbs. of raw drag power. Equipped with an extended 95mm bowed aluminum handle with oversized knobs, the compact, highly palmable Revo5 SX RKT satisfies your need for speed without sacrificing comfort and ease of handling.. Features Revo5 SX RKT Baitcast Reel - REVO5 SX-RKT LP; Compact, ergonomic asymmetrical body; Advanced EXD concept design; X2-Cr?ftic aluminum alloy frame and sideplate; C6 Carbon sideplates; High-speed 9.0:1 retrieve; Duragear Gen II gearing; D2 Gear design; IVCB-6 centrifugal brake system; 9+1 system with stainless steel ball bearings; Instant anti-reverse; Power Stack Carbon Matrix drag; Up to 18 lbs. of drag power; 95mm bowed aluminum handle; Oversized knobs; Specifications High-speed 9.0:1 retrieve; Height: 6.5; Width: 4.9; Length: 6.8; Weight: 5 lbs; .

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