Aerojig Marabou Jig

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Size:1/4 oz
Color:Black & Red
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The ultimate steelhead hypnotizer. The Aerojig Marabou Jig gives the ultimate dance that'll drive your steelhead and salmon crazy! With nearly indestructible head paint, UV and florescent pigments, premium tail feathers, and jaw dropping colors, you get a mesmerizing striker for all steelheaders to have in their tackle box.
  • Customized Gamakatsu Hooks with 1/0 Wire
  • Premium Marabou Feathers
  • UV Fluorescent Dyes & Pigments
  • Powder Painted Heads
  • Scent Free Finish
  • Unpainted Eyes on Every Jig
  • Patented Tail Section
  • Hand Tied & Inspected

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