Atlas Mike's Brite & Tight Curing Formula

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Anglers have long known that brined bait holds up better than bait that has not been brined, especially frozen. Mike's Brite and Tight makes curing your baits, as easy as unscrewing the cap, pouring the formula into a container or zip lock bag, and soaking it overnight. What could be more simple? Not only does Mike's Brite and Tight brine so baits last longer and are brighter, but they have taken it a step further by adding dye and scent to improve the performance. Brite and Tight is UV enhanced, which adds more visibility, particularly in low light conditions, while offering you the advantage that results in more fish! This easy, no mix formula makes great prepared bait every time, that will give you the edge professional anglers depend on in their businesses. Cure it right, use Brite and Tight!
  • Makes brining an easy three step process
  • Lasts longer
  • Brighter
  • Attracts fish better
  • Added dye and scent improves the performance of your bait
  • Greater visibility
  • Ideal in low light conditions
  • Easy, no mix formula
  • Gives you the edge professional anglers depend on
  • Use it on shrimp, prawns, anchovies, minnows, crayfish, alewife, and more
  • 31 oz. Bottle

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