Beau Mac Torpedo Pet Floats

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Size:1-1/4 oz
Color:Clear & Flame
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Made from clear PET plastic, this float allows you to sneak up easily spooked fish. Its long torpedo shape is perfect for fishing deeper waters or in windy conditions.
  • PDFT7: 7g ∼1/4 oz
  • PDFT11: 11g ∼3/8 oz
  • PDFT15: 15g ∼1/2 oz
  • PDFT20: 20g ∼3/4 oz
  • PDFT25: 25g ∼7/8 oz
  • PDFT35: 35g ∼1 ¼ oz
  • Shape helps this float stay vertical in the water
  • No Need for weight
  • Allows you to fish a wide variety of weights with the same float
  • 5 sizes to choose from

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