BnR Clackamas & Sandy River Soft Bead Pro Pack

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Size:10, 12 & 14mm
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BnR Tackle Soft Bead Pro Packs feature five of the hottest colors of soft beads for your specific river systems. The colors and sizes are selected by some of the top fisherman from those river systems, to provide you with the best fishing experiences and to share what they fish with.
Each Pack Comes Pre-Stocked With:
  • 50 beads
  • 50 bead stops
  • Bead Sleeves
  • 10, 12 & 14 mm Sizes to choose from
  • Many location specific color options and style options
  • Colors Included:
    • Mottled Red
    • Mottled Pink
    • Creamsicle
    • Mottled Natural
    • Shrimp
  • BnR recommends fishing these beads above or over a rubber bobber stop as a peg
  • To increase the life of your bead, please use the included bead sleeves
  • Please DO NOT use toothpicks to peg your soft beads

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