Bnr Soft Beads

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Size:10 mm
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Fisherman who strive for the real-deal, but dislike the hassle, BnR Soft Beads offer a life-like egg with a more natural presentation to the traditional hard beads. Hard beads offer a solid hole in which you connect your line, hook, or bobber stop through. Bnr Soft beads are also molded with holes in them but offer a little more leway, so you can easily switch your colors or sizes with out a massive change up. Another few great features these beads have, are they can hold scents like any other soft bait, plus they float more naturally than traditional beads, and are easier for the fish to hold on longer.
Each Pack Comes Pre-Stocked With:
  • 10 beads
  • 10 bobber stops
  • 10 bead sleeves
  • 3 Sizes to choose from
  • Many color options
  • Two style options
  • BnR recommends fishing these beads above or over a rubber bobber stop as a peg
  • To increase the life of your bead, please use the included bead sleeves
  • Please DO NOT use toothpicks to peg your soft beads

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