Camp Chef Barbecue Box Deluxe

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When summer comes around you know it's time to barbeque, and whether you're grilling steaks or burgers you want the best flavor possible. The Deluxe Barbecue Box captures and vaporizes the grease drippings, infusing your food with a rich flavor.

A cast iron grill grate and patented heat diffuser plate help minimize hotspots and give you the ability to grill your food to perfection. Fitting on all Camp Chef's 14"""" cooking systems, this barbecue box turns your stove into a grilling machine, outperforming any other portable grill.


•Two removable cast iron grill grates
•Specially designed heat diffuser plates turn flame into infrared heat and instantly vaporizes grease drippings
•Built-in Thermometer
•Hinged Lid
•Fits most Camp Chef 14" stoves
•Covers two burners on 14" Cooking System stoves
•Out of the box ready to cook in seconds

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