Daiwa J-Fluoro Samurai Fluorocarbon Line - 16lb - 220yds

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Bringing absolute invisibility and superior line performance to anglers of all stripes, Daiwa J-Fluoro Samurai Fluorocarbon Line is a must try for serious freshwater anglers. Offered in an array of strengths with varying levels of stretch and stiffness, this Japanese made high-end mainline is perfect for anything from fishing stealthy finesse presentations to winching fish out of heavy cover while remaining invisible. The ultra-high clarity, strength, and small diameter of this line is sure to impress even the highest levels of tournament anglers. Perhaps one of the best features of all, the 220 yard lengths are wound on ergonomic spools with convenient filler-enabled spool protectors, and feature a D-VEC sticker at 110 yards to notify you that you're halfway through the spool. This feature allows you to evenly split a 220 yard spool between two reels, helping you get the maximum value out of your purchase.

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